Air Freight

BLUE SKY provides premium one-stop air freight service to Africa and Middle East, including customs clearance in both China and the destination.


DDP Service

3 Days Arrived By VIP Service
MCO Air Service
Airport to Airport Service
E-commerce Air Service


Door to door service

DDP Service(Delivered Duty Paid)
Fast, convenient and worry free
Ocean shipping
Air transport
Customer designated location
Nigeria Special Line
Kenya Special Line
Ghana Special Line
Accept Cargos from China


Suitable for transporting trucks, special equipment, etc
Transporting trucks
special equipment

Bulk Carrier

Suitable for large volume and special-shaped goods transportation
Accept Cargos from 16 Asian Countries
DDP Service to Local Warehouse
Accept Freight Prepaid or Collect
Direct Shipping to Africa

Land transportation

Fast, reliable and inexpensive
Domestic land transportation
International land transportation

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